Tuesday, July 7, 2009

one of those moments

I have always been dreading the day when one of my kids would comment on the appearance of a complete stranger.

It happened.


At Target.


We were approaching the checkout lane and as we pull up Kate says this,

"Look at the big lady."

Holy shmoley!

Thank GOODNESS the *rather large* cashier was helping the customer in front of us and didn't hear. Phew!

But that was a little too close!

a pretty birthday

Kate is having her 3rd birthday party on Saturday. Some of the decorations that I've been working on were sitting on the table. Kate saw them as she was eating a snack at the table and then she said this,

"Mama? That's a pretty birthday for me."

Me--"Oh baby! I love you so much!"

That makes all the hard work WORTH IT!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

she IS having fun!

Megan was playing with Juls at the Freedom Festival on the 4th. I snapped this picture and look at the action! She really IS having fun! That's a big smile of glee and an airful of waving arms!

happy 4th!

On the 4th we went to our good friends, the Jones', house. And THIS was Julia's favorite activity of the day:

They have this totally fantastic little pool on their back patio that the girls had a blast in and Katey froze in. She's totally a desert baby!

Aren't we cute?! And patriotic?!

On the way to Freedom Festival (at Nellis Air Force Base), Julia managed to grab Kate's hair and pull it out of her ponytail. Kate decided riding on Dada's shoulders would be safer!

Isn't this cool?!

And cooler?!

Here's Juls in her "Free to be Daddy's Girl" shirt. It was Kate's last year.

The Mama and Juls!

The Dada and Juls!

We met our other Jones family friends at Freedom Festival and this is their daughter Megan. Isn't she cute?!

Kate tried my sunglasses on and I think it's hilarious! Look at her little eyes!

Mama's turn!

It was a really fantastic 4th and I'm so thankful for our freedoms in this great country!