Monday, April 25, 2011

easter 2011

We had a great Resurrection Sunday yesterday! The girls were all dressed in pretty pink dresses from Nana and Tata!

Julia and Kate in their pretty dresses!

All four girls!  So pretty!

Julia looking for eggs!

Katey looking for eggs!

Dada and Ainsley!

Mama and Ashley!

Us and the twins! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


These girls love them some wipes!  It's a battle for us to keep the wipes IN the container so usually the container goes on the couch when not in use.  But sometimes we forget.


this girl is goin' places!

i like cheerios...a LOT!

the bigs with their babies

Friday, April 1, 2011

dancing machines!

This is for you Grandma & Papa!  Ashley's on the left and Ainsley's on the right!  Notice Ainsley's eyebrows when she dances...cute!

water works!

Who knew playing with water and a few plastic containers could be SO MUCH FUN?!

When I told/showed the Big Girls what they were going to do...they were ecstatic!

I spread two large bath towels down, then filled up two plastic containers and one large pot with dish-soapy water, gave them some measuring cups and spoons and said, "Have at it!"

They loved it!  Several minutes into the playing, I heard hysterical laughing so I went to investigate.  They were dipping their foreheads into the water and then laughing at each other!

That should've been my first clue that things were about to go awry.  About 10 minutes later they decided it would be a good idea to dump all the water out of the containers, onto the towels.  Too bad the towels weren't big enough to contain all that water!  *sigh*

The good news?  We now have VERY clean kitchen floors!  =)

Even though this fun activity didn't end the way Mom would've wanted, it was still a great activity, and we WILL do it again!