Friday, April 30, 2010

somebody's gotta poop!

Jason and I think this face is just's the face babies make when they least it's the face OUR babies make. With two 2-month-olds we see this face a LOT! It's pretty hysterical!

hungry again!

Jas was holding both babies in this video and one of them (Ainsley, I think) went to town on his arm. Sorry kid, there's nothin' there!

snack time


what up paci!


Jason and I have learned how to juggle.

Juggle kids, that is. See?

Hold the one that's crying the most and hope the other one will be calm next to you...yeah, that's our life now!

life is tough...

great-grandma's comes to visit!

Last week my grandma came to visit and meet the twins! I'm so glad she got to come. My Aunt Jeanne and Uncle Jim drove her out...thank you! My grandma just loves babies. She told me that she always wanted twins too and that I "got her twins." She's so sweet! Here she is holding both Ashley and Ainsley:

With Kate:

Grandma with ALL four girls! This picture is just precious to me!

This picture is precious to me too. I love my grandma so much!

Thanks for visiting Grandma! I'm so glad you got to meet the twins!

Monday, April 19, 2010

the joker

No explanation necessary!

"Doctor, doctor give me the news!"

I like the show "The Doctors" and sometimes Katey is still up when it comes she's learned the song!

grandma and papa come to visit!

My parents came to Vegas last week to meet Ashley and Ainsley! We had a fun week!

Grandma and Papa with the twins!

Grandma and Papa with Katey! She sure loved having them here!

We went to Mandalay Bay to the Shark Reef. My mom was amazed at the beauty of the casino and Kate was so excited to see the sharks!

Looking at the cool animals!

We went to Town Square one day and ate lunch at Claim Jumper. Then we let the girls run around on the lawn!

On their last day here we went to the Venetian to look at the boats! The girls loved it!

Julia doesn't like having her picture we have to get creative to get her to smile...

The fam...minus the twins...

Pretty umbrellas hanging from the ceiling in one of the casinos!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

somebody's hungry!

We put the twins together in the stroller whenever we go out and walk around somewhere. Here's what happens when one of them gets hungry!

floyd lamb park

Today was a fun day! We were going to drive out to the County Fair but it's kinda far. So instead, we went to Floyd Lamb Park. They were having a fair type thing of their own but MUCH better.

It was free! Completely free! All of the rides and activities were free! We couldn't believe it!

Here we are on arrival:

Love birds!

Kate really enjoyed the bounce houses! See?

Checking out the rides!

Kate and I went on a little miniature roller coaster, ya know, because I'm NOT pregnant anymore! Woo woo! Needless to say, I barely fit in the thing. My poor legs were slightly crunched! And Kate didn't really enjoy this one. It was kinda fast!

Jas took Kate and Juls on this fun ride! They all three LOVED it!

Here's what the twins did all day. Notice how Ainsley's plugging her ear...was it too loud kiddo?

After all the fun, we got a special treat...COTTON CANDY!!!

They liked it. Kinda.

They probably liked feeding it to me and Jas better than the actual eating of it!

What a fun day! And what a blessing that it was free!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

my big helper!

I have a big helper! In fact, I couldn't even begin to do this without him.

Wait. Him?

Yup. Him.

Jason is completely amazing. He's a fantastic father and an incredible husband! And I'm immensely blessed!

Here he is helping out! And believe me, just an extra set of arms is the biggest help!

Thanks Babe! Love you tons!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

one month old!

The twins are ONE MONTH OLD today! Crazy! So, what are they doing, you ask?

Yep, that's about it. Plus eating and pooping. Pretty exciting, I know!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

a different kind of easter!

This year was a little different for us...I love traditions! Love, love, LUH--OOOOVE traditions! But this year...I was tired. We all were!

So. What happens when you have three, um, I mean FOUR kids three and under, including two four week olds?

Instead of hard-boiling, dyeing and decorating eggs, you'll just put stickers on the fake eggs that you're going to have the three-year-old stuff with candy. See? Fake eggs...

and stickers...!

And you let the kids eat probably too much candy as they stuff the eggs. But maybe that would've happened anyway! See the totally thrilled face of Julia? Yeah, she really, really likes candy! See?

Then, because of the craziness of your day with four kids three and under including two four week olds, you barely have time to make it to Target to get basket stuffers. But you do make it, with a day or two to spare! Look at those cute baskets (not to mention kids)!

More candy? Suh-WEET!

Kate IS happy here...promise!

Your favorite part of the whole Easter traditions thing this year WILL be shopping for and buying the PERFECT Easter dresses. And when your unsuspecting hubby (who is only trying to help!) tries those said perfect dresses on the girls instead of letting you do it, you may or may not have a mini breakdown. Just so ya know!

But look, aren't the dresses perfect?!

Here's Dada with the other two girls, in their not so perfect, but still cute, dresses! (Good job matching us, Dada!)

And the only picture of you will probably be the one taken by your photographer in the making three-year-old!

When you get home from church, you will probably be exhausted and therefore have to postpone the Easter egg hunt until after naps....EVERYONE'S naps, thus having to undress and then re-dress the girls in their Easter dresses! But look, aren't they cute?!

Easter egg hunting!

After the Easter egg hunt, you probably won't have enough energy for the nice Easter dinner you'd planned. Instead, you'll go pick up a pizza. And postpone the nice Easter dinner until tomorrow (...hopefully!).

So Easter might not be exactly what you'd planned, but hey, everyone WILL survive AND have fun in the process!

Happy Easter!