Saturday, April 10, 2010

floyd lamb park

Today was a fun day! We were going to drive out to the County Fair but it's kinda far. So instead, we went to Floyd Lamb Park. They were having a fair type thing of their own but MUCH better.

It was free! Completely free! All of the rides and activities were free! We couldn't believe it!

Here we are on arrival:

Love birds!

Kate really enjoyed the bounce houses! See?

Checking out the rides!

Kate and I went on a little miniature roller coaster, ya know, because I'm NOT pregnant anymore! Woo woo! Needless to say, I barely fit in the thing. My poor legs were slightly crunched! And Kate didn't really enjoy this one. It was kinda fast!

Jas took Kate and Juls on this fun ride! They all three LOVED it!

Here's what the twins did all day. Notice how Ainsley's plugging her ear...was it too loud kiddo?

After all the fun, we got a special treat...COTTON CANDY!!!

They liked it. Kinda.

They probably liked feeding it to me and Jas better than the actual eating of it!

What a fun day! And what a blessing that it was free!

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