Friday, December 11, 2009

baby girls update!

I had another ultrasound yesterday. I am currently 24 weeks, 3 days pregnant with two very active little girls! During the ultrasound, the tech asked me if I could feel all of which I replied, "uh huh." Oh I can feel it alright! I'm just wondering what it's going to be like in another month or two...?!

Anyway, everything looked great! Really great! Everything that the doctors have been even remotely concerned with have turned out to be nothing...! I feel so extremely blessed! My fluid levels were great, my cervix was great (Dr. M even told me I should rent my cervix out...HAHAHA! Have I mentioned how much I like Dr. M?!).

The girls are both 1 lb., 6 oz! The fact that they are the same size is really a big deal! That means there's no sign of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome! Praise God!

I am so incredibly thankful for the good news! Every time I go to an appointment...I lay there hearing good news after good news...and I can't help but wonder "why me?" So many women suffer such heartache during their pregnancies...and here I am, with my dream of having twins coming true...along with a HEALTHY pregnancy! It's amazing...and I don't take it for granted! Every week that the twins continue to be healthy I am just so grateful! God is truly good to us!

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  1. So excited for you guys!! How old will Julia be when they're born?
    My advice for that first year is...have help. Even if you could have a babysitter for a half day once a week, as a regular thing, it will be a wonderful respite and break for you.
    Of course, that's hard to do during the first couple months when you have to nurse so often. I wasn't able to breastfeed T&T at the same time until they were about 5-6 weeks old, because they are so floppy when they are newborn that it is hard to pick up and set down each of their little bodies adequately with one arm. If you can, plan on having help with Katey and Julia for an hour or two a couple days a week so you can take naps!
    What precious miracles! I'm so excited for you!
    I'll keep you in prayer as the due date draws near!