Thursday, February 17, 2011

julia's a talkin' machine, with one exception!

Just this past week Julia has started talking. And I mean, REALLY talking! She repeats almost everything we ask her to!

Except for one thing.


She won't say her name. She HAS said it. So we know she can. She just CHOOSES not to. I think she knows how bad I want her to! =) This one is stubborn though and WILL NOT BUDGE!

We even risked her "keekee maw" (that's her cookie at the mall that she looks forward to every Friday night. It's the highlight of her week, no joking!) trying to get her to say it. And she WOULDN'T!

I'm so proud of all the other words she's saying now though! She's really starting to communicate much more clearly! Which makes life MUCH easier! Now we only have two non-communicators in the house!

Good job Juls!

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