Thursday, November 19, 2009

hugs, kisses and more please!

Julia is getting so big! Every day she's getting more confident in her walking. She comes walking toward you with this gigantic grin!

She knows how to blow kisses and give hugs. When you tell her to lay down she finds a spot and lays down on the ground! We've taught her to ask for more milk/juice--she used to just shriek when she wanted more but we were able to teach her pretty quickly to sign "more" when she wanted more. It makes for more peaceful meal times!

Today while we were waiting for the doctor, she reached over and playfully hit Kate on the head. I told her, "no, Juls, be gentle." I rubbed Kate's head to show her how and told her again to be gentle, to which she leaned over and gave a hug! Ahhh! Just precious!

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