Thursday, November 19, 2009

smarty pants!

This girl is one smart cookie! A couple days ago she counted to 30...well, actually 29. When she got to 30 it sounded something like this:

"Twenty-eight, twenty-nine, twenty-ten..."

So not quite, but close!

She really is quite brilliant! She remembers details that normal people don't remember, even grown-ups! She recently related to us a morning at Chuck E. Cheese that had happened a couple months before. She remembered what we ate for breakfast before we went, who met us there, that they didn't eat at Chuck E. Cheese but instead ate at McDonalds, that their mom hadn't been there because she was getting her hair done... what kid pays attention to that stuff and remembers it?!

She is constantly shocking Jason and I with the things she remembers and knows. She even knows my doctor's name (Dr. Masaki) and asks if I'm going to see him.

She sure keeps us on our toes!

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