Tuesday, January 18, 2011

and we have a kindergartener!

Today we embarked on a brand new, completely exciting, journey!

Katey, precious girl, started Kindergarten today! And who's her teacher?


We put a lot of thought into how to educate our girls...and actually, this decision came really easy to us! We live in Las Vegas right now...and Las Vegas is not known for its exemplary schools! So.

Homeschooling! Something I never thought I'd do! But God has really changed my heart toward teaching our girls at home. I WANT to now!!

Today, Katey's first day of Kindergarten, went so well! She did great!

You like her half legging? Yeah. She fell yesterday and scraped her knee. She has an amazing memory and so this morning when she got dressed, the legging went up again!

Here she is coloring in her "Day 2" of Creation!

And let's not forget Julia! What did she do during school? She did Preschool! We have some fun color and shape block thingys that we'll be doing! Oh and please notice her wonderful pajamas and bed head. Getting dressed for school and getting your hair done doesn't happen until KINDERGARTEN! So, in two years baby girl, two years!

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