Friday, January 28, 2011

do you love jesus?

Today I had an eye opening experience. I was making lunch and I started asking the big girls some fun, crazy questions:

"Who's crazy?!" "I AM!" we all responded!

"Who's happy?!" "I AM!" we all responded!

And then an innocent question posed by me, brought a response that both gladdens and saddens my heart.

"Who loves Jesus?" "I DO!" I said. "I DO!" Julia said. "I DON'T!" Katey said. I looked at her and said, "You don't, Katey?" "Umm, I mean, I DO!"

I did a double take. I'm thinking in my head, "Kate just said she doesn't love Jesus. Holy smokes. What've I done wrong?! She doesn't love Jesus! I'm a failure of a mom."

But then I got to thinking. Katey hasn't trusted in Jesus as her Savior yet. So she DOESN'T love Jesus. It was a brutally honest answer. We talk to her almost every day about Jesus coming to die on the cross, about WHY He came to die, about her need to trust Him too. I don't want her to just SAY that she loves Jesus because that's the right answer. I don't want her to be deceived.

I called her over to me and picked her up. I asked her why she doesn't love Jesus but I didn't really let her answer. I'm not sure that she would be ABLE to answer. Instead I told her I appreciated her honesty. I told her that because she doesn't trust in Jesus yet and believe that He died on the cross for her sins, she DOESN'T love Jesus! I told her that I pray for her that God will soften her heart and that she'll love Jesus someday real soon!

I'm glad I asked that really let me see her heart. I love my sweet girl and can't wait for her to really love Jesus too!

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