Sunday, May 30, 2010

four of a kind!

Katey and Julia really love the babies! So yesterday when Katey asked to hold them, I said, "okay! Sure!" Then of course, Julia wanted to hold them too. So I said, "ummm...okay...!"

This picture was at the end of the holding session and Ashley was pretty much done, though she's NOT being choked like the picture looks!

Our four of a kind girls:

Let's just say, everyone survived, with NO droppage!


  1. Hi Amber!

    I just want to let you know that I came across your blog and I can DEFINITELY RELATE to your situation. I have a daughter who turned 3 in April, a son who is 22 months old, and identical twin boys who are 4 months old. I actually found your "To Save A Penny" blog last year sometime when I started "couponing" and doing CVS deals. I bookmarked that blog and the last few days I've been going through my blogs (since I haven't kept up lately..I wonder why). Your last posts on that blog are from January when you talked about your husband's unemployment and the upcoming arrival of your twins. As soon as I saw that, I HAD to investigate further :) I went to your profile and found this blog. I have absolutely LOVED skimming through your last few months. I think it is so cool how close in age our kids are! And also that you love Jesus :) I can't wait to follow your blog and read about your adventures!! Your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!

    PS...sorry this is more of an "email" than a "comment". I wasn't sure how else to contact you!!

  2. Oh. I also thought it was REALLY funny that you're the Black family (at least that's what I picked up from your old blog title). Why is that funny?? Because we're the Brown family. Ha!