Saturday, May 15, 2010

when paramedics come to visit...

Last night was interesting.

The paramedics came for a short visit. Here's what happened...

Jason and I were in our bedroom changing the twins for bed. Then we heard a thump in the living room. A LOUD thump. And then screaming.

I ran to the living room and saw Juls laying on the floor by the couch. She was kind of rolled up in a ball, crying really hard. When I tried to get her to move, she just kept laying there. It really scared me. I rolled her over and held her and her little eyes rolled up in her head. That was enough for me. I yelled for Jason to call 911. I didn't know what was happening, but it sure was scary.

While Jason was talking to the operator, Julia snapped out of it a little bit and was able to walk around. The operator decided to send paramedics anyway, since there would be no charge and just to make sure she was okay.

So they came.

All 6 of them. Or something like that! Really? Six paramedics were really necessary? For one 19-month-old child?!

Oh well. I'm glad they came. They determined that our little munchkin was indeed okay and to call back if we noticed anything unusual.

I'm so thankful she is okay! And so thankful for the paramedics who came for such a short visit!

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  1. This sounds so scary!! But I am so glad that she is okay, and she's doing fine now! No more couches for her! haha