Monday, September 6, 2010

the big 6!

We're the big 6 today! 6 months baby! Half way to The Big 1!

What cool stuff are we into right now? Oh, not much. We still fill our days with sleeping, drinking milk and pooping. I (Ashley) like to roll over ALL the time. I mean, come on, who doesn't like a little tummy time?! And I (Ainsley) really like my thumb. TA-STY! Mom and Dad seem to think it's cool to yank my thumb OUT OF MY MOUTH, but I always manage to slip it back in when they're not looking! I'm tricky like that!

Other than that, well, we pretty much just try to survive our big sisters, Katey and Julia. They really love us. Sometimes they love us a little too much with their hugs and stuff. They don't know that they're bigger than us and, well, can smush us when they lay on us. But they're learning. Or at least Mama and Dada HOPE they're learning! We sure do love those big girls though. We can't wait till we can run around with them all crazy-like.

Here we are today with Mama. We love her!

And here we are on our pretty blanket. We lay on blankets a lot.

You're welcome! I knew you'd want to see one of my (Ainsley) funny faces!

Look how long and skinny we are! Mama wishes SHE was long and skinny like us! Well maybe a little bigger since we only weigh about 14 pounds. That would be weird.

We just ate here. We get this drunk on milk look after we eat. It's pretty cute if we don't say so ourselves.

That's about it for now. By The Big 1 we should be doing a lot more. We'll let ya know!

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