Wednesday, September 1, 2010

the not so perfect perfect job

We've been in a whirlwind the last, oh...8 months or so. On December 29th, 2009, Jason was laid off from his job. We saw this as more of a blessing than anything else because I was at the point in my pregnancy with the twins where there were a LOT of doctor's appointments! Like, twice a week! It was nice to have him home so he could just watch the big girls.

Then once the babies came it was even NICER to have him at home. I really don't know how I would've done it without him there.

Fast forward to today, 8 months later, and Jason is still looking for work. He interviewed for a job last week, three interviews to be exact, and this was a job that we REALLY WANTED. Bad. It was the "perfect" job.

Or so we thought.

Apparently it wasn't so perfect though.

Why? Well, we found out today that he didn't get it. So amidst the disappointment we're struggling to remember.

Remember truth.

God is the One completely in control of what happens in our lives. He's the One that allows blessing and hardship. And right now, He's chosen to not allow this seeming blessing.

So while we REALLY wanted this job, I guess in actuality we really DIDN'T want this one. We only want what God wants for us and He didn't want this. At least that's the truth we're attempting to remember.

There must be something better for us. Maybe it's what we're going to learn with less. Maybe it's the blessing of the extra time we get with Jason. Maybe we're just supposed to learn to trust God more in the midst of not knowing.

For right now we'll just be thankful that we didn't get the not so perfect "perfect" job.

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  1. Oh, Amber. I understand what it is like to wait, and hope, and pray, and then feel the disappointment of rejection. It really is comforting, though, to know that God has an ultimate plan for our lives. Praying that God gives Jason something soon.