Monday, February 1, 2010


I had my last ultrasound this past Thursday. It went well but the doctor was concerned with the shrinkage of my cervix. He ALMOST put me on anti-contraction medications and steroids for the babies (to develop their lungs more) BUT then I told him my OB had done this really cool little test that tells you if you're going to go into labor within the next two weeks...that made him very happy, because the test was negative! That means no babies until at least a week from today!

And today, I'm 32 weeks! We are reaching some really great milestones! My OB told me I only need to register at the low risk hospital once I reach 32 weeks! Awesome!

We do have a prayer request. I have my next ultrasound a week from this Thursday (the 12th) and after the ultrasound they're going to check the babies' heartrates for an extended period of time. Dr. M told me that with the type of twins we have, there is a higher risk of stillbirth. So, to prevent stillbirth, they check the babies' heartrates for an extended period of time. If there is any abnormality they deliver the babies right away. Pretty amazing! That's how they prevent the stillbirth. And pretty amazing that we might have our babies in the next two weeks....!

I am so amazed at medical technology...that they can even check for this kind of stuff! I'm so thankful! So please be praying for that doctor's appointment. I'll be 33 1/2 weeks, which is good but not great and the babies will probably still be too little to come home right away. Pray that the doctor doesn't see any abnormality, or if there IS a problem, that there WILL be an abnormality so they can deliver the babies safely!

And a praise--I've been praying for both babies to be head down this whole pregnancy...that's the only way my OB will deliver vaginally. Both of my doctors have always talked like a vaginal birth isn't very likely, but I've been really hoping and praying that they're wrong! Anyway, at my last OB appointment AND then the following ultrasound a few days later they were BOTH head down, BOTH times! Hallelujah! Now, if they'll just stay that way!

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  1. Wow, Amber! This is all amazing news. I'm so happy for you guys!