Friday, February 19, 2010

sisterly love...and lots of diapers!

Katey and Julia really like each other...most of the time! Katey can be really sweet (and she is most of the time) and likes to help her little sister...sometimes too much! She likes to invite Julia to sit in her lap...she gets this really cute little voice and says, "Julia, you wanna sit in my lap?" To which Julia vigorously nods her head and then plops herself down in Kate's lap. Precious!

So you know how we're having twins?! Well, diapers are one of those things that are going to be, um, somewhat expensive! So when Jas and I found a good deal last weekend we sorta stocked up. We bought nine, yes NINE, huge boxes of diapers. One baby goes through a lot of diapers...but two, HOLY COW! When you start doing the oh man!

Here are the girls playing on some of the boxes of diapers...our living room was overcome for a couple days until we found somewhere to put them.

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