Thursday, March 11, 2010

ashley and ainsley are here!

Welcome to the world Ashley and Ainsley!

Ashley Jade--5 lbs 0 oz, 19 inches long, born at 9:17 am
Ainsley Joy--4 lbs 12.5 oz--18 inches long, born at 9:20 am

Their birth story:

On Friday night I started having contractions about 9 minutes apart. I went to bed wondering if maybe, just maybe things were getting started. At about 5 am (5:06 to be exact!) I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I stood up felt a few little trickles. Not sure if it was just my pregnancy lack of bladder control or my water breaking, I sat down in bed and waited a few minutes to see what would happen. A few minutes later Jason woke up and I told him what was happening. Within 20 minutes of that first trickle my contractions started. Immediately they were four minutes apart...consistently.

It was at that point I realized we needed to hurry. Four minutes apart with my third delivery...yeah. We HURRIED! I also regretted the fact that we had planned our "pack the hospital bags" and "clean the house" day for Saturday. Way to procrastinate! So anyway, that left Jason rushing around like crazy trying to pack bags for the two of us, AND Kate and Juls. Lets just say I wasn't much help!

On the way to the hospital contractions got to be three minutes apart. We pretty much threw the girls out the van door at our friends' house and sped away...later we talked about how weird that was! This time actually WAS like the movies!

By the time we got to the hospital and hooked up to the monitors my contractions were 1-3 minutes apart...and hard! Really hard! Within about an hour or so I got an epidural and what a blessing that was!! =) Within two hours of arriving at the hospital I was fully dilated and ready to push!

Since we were unsure of the babies' positions, Dr. T wanted to deliver in the O.R. just in case a C-Section became necessary. we rolled! We got into the O.R. and were all set up within about 10 minutes. I pushed three times during one contraction and out slipped Ashley! Dr. T had done a quick little ultrasound and knew that Ainsley was laying sideways so after Ashley was born she was trying to flip her. Crazy girl flipped the wrong way though and out came her feet. Her little shoulders and head got stuck for a minute and then she finally came out, breech, a whole three minutes after her sister!

I am so thankful that Dr. T worked with me to help me avoid a C-section!

Since Ainsley was breech she was a little bit more traumatized after birth, having swallowed some fluid on the way out. The nurses had to work with her to get her to breathe. Once both girls were in the nursery for their baths, Ainsley was retracting so they decided to admit her to the NICU. Unfortunately that began a week-long trial to get her OUT of the NICU. Once a baby is admitted, they have to prove to the doctors and nurses a lot of stuff...and I mean a LOT of stuff. So even though Ashley and Ainsley both weighed practically the same, Ainsley wound up being stuck in the hospital for a whole week while her sister got to go home!

This is Ashley right after birth:

And Ainsley:

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  1. Congratulations!!! The girls are beautiful. Glad things went fairly smoothly and quickly. Glad your family is ALL together once again!