Wednesday, March 3, 2010

school is fun when you're 3

We started doing some "school" work with Katey last week. And of course...

she LOVES it!

She asks to do school at all hours of the day. We're doing fun things like letters and phonics, coloring, learning to use scissors, practicing writing (with a mechanical pencil and everything!), a children's catechism and Bible stories with cooking projects.

Here's Kate practicing her writing (notice the little tongue sticking out...that's some serious concentration!). I was surprised at how quickly she caught on to using the pencil. And look how she's holding it...we didn't even have to tell her to do that! Little smarty pants!

The Bible stories start in the book of Genesis and work their way through the Bible. This project goes with the story of the Garden of Eden, God providing good food for Adam and Eve to eat. The cooking project? Fruit salad! Kate had a blast cutting up the fruit and splitting it into four cups (one for each of us!). She had more fun making it than eating it, go figure!

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