Friday, March 26, 2010


Katey and Julia love the twins! Katey loves to help us with their changings...she gets to button the last button on their onesies! When one of the twins is being held, Julia will run up to us pointing and yelling (seriously, she yells!) "ba-ba" (baby). Then she runs and finds the other one! Guess she's making sure there really are still two!

Last night we let the girls hold the babies for the first time. Oh the excitement! Kate is such a big helper, I think this made her day! Here she is with Ashley:

And here she is with Ainsley:

After we let Kate hold them, I was walking around with Ainsley and Julia followed me and asked (through grunts and hand gestures!) to hold Ainsley too. I told her okay let's go hold the baby and she RAN to the couch, climbed up and sat just like Katey had. She did a great job, see?:

What precious girls we have! I'm so glad they love each other!

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