Sunday, March 13, 2011

ash & ains get their ears pierced...

We finally got the twins their ears pierced today!  We've been meaning to do it for months now!  And we finally did it!  We thought it would be a great Happy Birthday present!  And now, people will be able to tell them apart!  Ashley got pretty pink earrings and Ainsley got pretty white earrings!  So pretty!  

These pictures are tiny because they were taken with Jason's phone...we forgot the camera of course! 

Ashley right after the first side...apparently for legal reasons they can't have two people doing it on babies...yeah, didn't know THAT.  *sigh*  So they had to suffer twice.  Ashley had the saddest little heaves.  =(
Ainsley right before...she has NO idea.  None.
She has an idea now.  =(  Poor babies!
They got over it pretty quick...regardless of how the pictures look!  Little love muffins! 

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