Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a simple prayer....answered

Tonight had a moment of crisis.  =)  

You see those beautiful girls to the left?  You see those pretty little shiny's in their ears?  Well, we somehow lost one tonight.  How?  HOW????  Have you ever tried to take off newly pierced earrings?  They're a beast to get off, for good reason.  So HOW?!  Here's what happened: 

I went to clean Ashley's ears tonight and one ear was just...empty.  I had just changed her clothes so I was hoping and praying that it would be lost somewhere in her clothes (I even checked the, um, diaper...shhh!).  No luck.  

Ya know that sick gut feeling you get when you lose something important?  That's totally how I felt.  I was just running through my head what to do...were we going to have to re-pierce that ear?  Poor, poor baby.  

After searching the couch numerous times, the floor a million times, the little vac once, their crib three times, my clothes, Ashley's clothes, their walkers...EVERYTHING...we finally decided to just put one of the big girls' earrings in (from when they got their ears pierced).  Here's the problem though--in our brilliance, Ashley's earrings are pink...the rest of the girls have of COURSE we lose a pink earring! =)  So we tried to take out her other pink earring too and replace it with a white one...only we couldn't get the back off...go FIGURE!  =) 

We put them to bed and I just felt sick still.  As I was walking down the stairs, I said to Jason, "Puh-lease, just let it be there in the middle of the floor!"  

So I walked downstairs and totally looked in the middle of the floor.  It wasn't there.  Then I just scanned the floor...and THERE THAT LITTLE BOOGER WAS!  Right by the TV.  I think it must have flown off when I changed her shirt.  

I just felt so relieved.  And so thankful.  God choose to answer that small little prayer of mine...such a little thing, but so big at the same time!

For tonight, I'm just thankful for my little answered prayer.  Thank you God! 

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