Friday, March 11, 2011

family disneyland trip--march 2011

We went to Disneyland this week...for three days!!!  Jason's parents paid for themselves, our family and the Heynen family all to go, for the hotel and for the park tickets!  It was one of the best trips I've ever had!  I've been wanting to take the girls there for so long and this was just a special time!  We celebrated the twins' birthday, our nephew Grant's birthday, Jason's birthday and Tata's birthday!  

We drove out to LA on Sunday morning and spent the afternoon and evening at Disneyland, just soaking it in!  We left the park for a birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory that was right down the street from our hotel room, within walking distance of Disneyland.  After dinner, Jason and I, Kate, Shannon, David and Madison all headed back to Disneyland since it was open until midnight.  Nana and Tata stayed with the rest of the kids!  That night was the first time we took Katey on Space Mountain!  Brave, brave girl!  

We spent all of Monday morning and part of the afternoon at California Adventure!  Soaring Over California was Tata's favorite!  We also went on the big roller coaster of my fav's!  We spent the evening back at Disneyland and went on the Jungle Cruise and visited the Tiki Room!  We then went and enjoyed another birthday dinner at California Pizza Kitchen!  After THAT dinner, Jason and I went back to Cheesecake Factory for a little cheesecake date!  

After our little date, we were back in the room sleeping, when we awoke to Ainsley choking.  I think she had coughed and then threw up a little bit and then choked on that throw up.  She couldn't seem to take a breath very well and it scared us pretty bad.  We woke up Nana and she didn't like it either so we wound up calling 911 (sigh) and then driving her to the ER, where she got x-rays and was thoroughly checked out by the docs.  Turns out she was fine, she probably did just choke on some throw-up and it cleared up in a couple days.  Way ta scare Mama and Dada Ains, and give us only 3+ hours of sleep!  =) 

Tuesday morning we enjoyed breakfast with Nana and Tata and then had to say good-bye to them.  The Heynens and I enjoyed another day at Disneyland and California Adventure, getting in all our last minute rides!  Nana and Tata gave all of the grandkids souvenir money to spend so we picked out their souvenirs before we left!  Katey and Julia got Sleeping Beauty and Tinkerbell dolls and a Toy Story III book.  The twins got a Mickey ring stacker and a Mickey ears shape sorter!  Then we drove home...on one of the roughest road trips we've ever had with the kids.  There were a LOT of tears and a lot of sleepy Mama and Dada eyes!  

On our way into the park!  I was EXCITED!  Way more than them!
And we're in!  Woo woo!
Walking down Main Street toward the Princess Castle! 
Our little stroller family, ready for fun!
In line for our first ride: Snow White! 
Starting to get excited...but still doesn't really get it!
This face is just classic!  This is on Snow White (the 1st ride)...and is just in AWE!!
This is about 2 seconds after the last one!  Glee! 
Ashley's first nap at Disneyland.  She took many!
Ainsley's first nap at Disneyland!  She took a lot too!
I have a lot of pictures of the two of us at Disneyland!  This is just another!
On Big Thunder Mountain with Madison and Grant behind us!
Julia nappin'!
Dada and Juls with the Cars cars!  Fun!
Julia meeting Chip and Dale!
The twins meeting Chip and Dale!
Madison and Nana at California Adventure!
The kiddos meeting Woody and an Army Man!
Katey eating her ice cream in California adventure!  Cute!
The fam on The Jungle Cruise!  Nana and Tata thought the guy was funny!
The rest of the fam!  Jason thought he was funny too!
Katey, Julia and Reagan playing with the water ball outside of Space Mountain!
The kids meeting Buzz Lightyear.  For some reason he made Julia nervous!
Kate and Dada getting ready to enjoy Space Mountain!  This was Katey's 2nd time...she enjoyed the 2nd time MUCH more than the first!
At the end of  Space Mountain...the first time her little face was just...freaked out...this time...just wind whipped!  Love that girl!
The cousins, getting ready to go on It's a Small World!  Look at Julia's face...little nut!  Oh and see that teddy bear she's holding?  Uncle David won that for her and she did not let that thing go all day!
Katey and Madison on It's a Small World!  Madison was Katey's best bud at Disneyland!  Madison was so sweet and patient with her!  Katey held her hand almost the whole time we were there! 
Funny faces in Toon Town!
On the kiddy roller coaster in Toon Town...they all loved it!
Getting ready to go on Tower of Terror...Kate was nervous, but was a real champ and said she'd go on it again someday!
Family photo op!
Ok.  These pictures are just my favorite of Julia...she and I went on Autopia together and she had a BLAST!  She couldn't steer it very well so it would bump into the track and she just thought that was HILARIOUS! 
She decided she wanted me to drive...just as HILARIOUS!
Utter joy!  LOVE!!
Mama and Juls! 
Waiting for Dada, Kate and Juls who went on Buzz Lightyear one last time.  The twins were such troopers!
Reagan and Uncle David with the Cars cars!
Julia and Reagan at California Adventure!
Love him!
Uncle David and Reagan!
Pretty girl Madison!  Such a sweetheart!
Tata and Dada!  Birthday boys!
Madison and Katey on the bumper cars!
Aunt Shannon, Uncle David and Reagan on the bug little train in Bug Land!
Jas and the girls on the angry lady bug ride in Bug Land. 
We had such a special time!  Thanks Nana and Tata! 

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